Servant Notary-Case STudy

ServantNotary is a public notary mobile document signing service, "Make your mark Today!™". During the company needs analysis phase we identified its strengths and weaknesses and found that Servant Notary was a dormant business which was a from scratch build, being brought back online and a complete design services were needed: Website design, social platform: Facebook, instagram, Twitter, Yelp, HubSpot, and more. Our objective was simple, create a presence online via the web domain and branded social media like FB, Instagram, Twitter and Yelp as well as industry specific site memberships such as Notary Cafe and others, 


servantnotary - A mobile notary signing service.

The purpose of this case study is to examine creative social media through the real estate lens and optimize the revenue track utilizing trending media combined with legacy practices to create a well-rounded approach to reaching an audience across the spectrum.


  • The marketplace is perpetually changing.
  • Many notaries, signing services fail to launch because of time capital.
  • Executers of technology are the winners in today's notary marketplace.
  • The time to start a notary career is now.
  • Be determined, it's not rocket science!

As always the theme is dedicate to a single principal: Audience is King.

So we need to evaluate a target audience, trusted media sources, the must haves and answer the question: how do I best serve that audience? 


Facebook Campaign: Make your mark Today!™

Facebook® has emerged over the last five years, beginning in 2012 to present, crafting their business brand identity against growing demographic of Boomer's and GenXr's to the page for SMB entrepreneurs utilizing a one stop approach to connect