Case Study - Dennis Murphy Properties

As a Reator® Dennis Murphy is a solution based real estate agent delivering a full-service approach to both residential and commercial consumers in California. Dennis Murphy's unique marketing approach interprets and translates the current market trends for local real estate and positions your property in front of the broadest audience possible. Dennis Murphy is a seasoned Realtor® with 8+ years experience at Century 21®, an accomplished mortgage representative with 10+ years experience funding both purchase and refinance transactions; Dennis Murphy is also recognized professionally for his social media and consumer relationship skills by Realtor® peers across America.Each real estate transaction is unique and you the consumer deserve a quality experience built on trust and integrity. Let's connect and solidify the dreams and desires you have about a real estate investment; will see if the timing is right for you and if there is enough opportunity in the market and weigh out several different options that make logical sense. 


Dennis Murphy Properties - A Real Estate Agency

The purpose of this case study is to examine creative social media through the real estate lens and optimize the revenue track utilizing trending media combined with legacy practices to create a well-rounded approach to reaching an audience across the spectrum.

What we know:

  • The real estate marketplace is perpetually changing.
  • Many brokers/ agents fail to launch because of time capital.
  • Executers of technology are the winners in today's real estate marketplace.
  • The time to start a real estate career is now.
  • Be determined, it's not rocket science!

As always the theme is dedicate to a single principal: Audience is King. So we need to evaluate a target audience, trusted media sources, the must haves and answer the question: how do I best serve that audience? 

A must have is a landing page on the web where a potential clients, buyers and sellers can find you. A couple of resources are:, and Being able to put it all together, web, email, video, content and social media are key to your success level. A realtor in todays marketplace has to be a content producer (or have the resources to hire one) because great realtors in todays marketplace are high level marketers, tech savvy agents get it! Tomorrow's landscape is going to requir and even higher level of capital, education and deep knowledge to engage with tomorrow's buyer, sellers and landlord's of real property.



Social Media

Using social media to target an audience is critical for every realtor whose goal is long-term sustainability. Successful agents understand that all search for real estate begins online and more than 60% of all real estate related search happen on the handheld devise: iPhone, Android, iPad and tablet. A few of the popular venues included:

  • Twitter.
  • Facebook.
  • Instagram.
  • SnapChat.
  • Reddit.

The basics begin and end with engaging content. You have to think like a media publisher and develop habits that will produce consistent results. Demonstrating success is about the "like" engagement, do you have tiered campaigns to probe and uncover opportunities in your #like farm? Is your inbox exploding with measurable opportunities from your blog post? Capitalizing on your social media investment and creating ROI is vital to the health of any marketing campaign. 

Reaching your target through social media is about delivering quality informative content and getting them to participate through an interaction, such as downloading your content or signing up for a weekly newsletter.



I want a home where I can entertain family and friends


The single most diverse asset that any marketer possesses is the ability to share a great story. Picasso is known for his life work most characterized as "realism" transforming the style and with each period in his life recreating himself through his masterpieces. As we journey beyond the digital paradigm with chat bots, artificial intelligence and virtual reality we are reminded to keep our thoughts and ideas fresh and nimble for the challenges that technology presents and an age of advertising that forges a way for new brand concepts and the way we perceive communication as a society.

Being able to influence an audience through storytelling is a talent that are many are able to successfully harness and monetize today because of the internet.  Steve Jobs told a story about great design with Apple, Next and Pixar. He owned his vision and revolutionized the world as well as our perceptions about the way we view ourselves.