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DENNISWILLIAMMURPHY creative media examples, bravado quality that keeps you listening. Create opportunity by engaging your brand with tomorrows satisfied audience.  Schedule an audition with DENNISWILLIAMMURPHY here.




Hiton Resorts

Hilton Resorts: A college product which was edited by (teacher's name), credited as creator of the trailer for LORD OF THE RINGS.


GOGIRL: College work showcasing "GoGirl" a female urinary device. I created the slogan "You won't be a man, you'll just pee like one."


KCRH 89.9FM: Station Sweep for KCRH 89.9FM "The East Bay's Best Variety"

DENNISWILLIAMMURPHY | Steve Jobs • Darth Vader

Tribute to two of my biggest heroes: Steve Jobs and George Lucas.